The last major logistical problem I had to sort out was where to pick up resupply boxes (and how to get them there in the first place!) but this should be done now. I will send one using the poste restante service to Barnstaple, the one needed in Bath and all the packs in Scotland will be sent as soon as I advise so from my support base here in Germany (thanks, Anna!). And the two remaining resupply packs will reach me through fellow members of the Backpackers Club. And I’m especially happy that Geoff will not only meet me for a day’s walk on this occasion but for the whole Pennine Way. As I have it in my LEJOG route anyway and Geoff wants to walk it this year as well, we thought this would match just fine.

My postal service is also dealt with and in a much more convenient way than expected. Some days ago I chatted a bit with my neighbour on the ground floor and he kindly offered to take care of my letter box.

This means I can concentrate on the final decisions regarding my kit. For this I will pack my backpack once to check the volume and weight. I’m sure I’ll end up scrutinising each and every item again to reduce both. I’m aiming at 10 kg without food and water which would be quite reasonable with full camping gear, I think.

So by now I can relax a bit, make sure I get the last tasks at work settled and wait for the departure date 🙂


2 thoughts on “Logistics

    • Thanks, Christine! Preparations are nearly finished, so I’m quite confident. And much depends on one’s frame of mind, I’m sure. I’m convinced the trip will be great, so chances are that it’ll turn out to be just that 🙂


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