The last major logistical problem I had to sort out was where to pick up resupply boxes (and how to get them there in the first place!) but this should be done now. I will send one using the poste restante service to Barnstaple, the one needed in Bath and all the packs in Scotland … Continue reading Logistics


Kit #3

One aspect which caused me a lot of head-scratching (and still does) was what I want to call the “electronics department”. With every device coming with its own charger and battery needs it's easy to end up with considerable volume in the pack and–even worse–notable weight. For those who just throw it into a car … Continue reading Kit #3

Navigation along the route

Part of my route planning exercise of course dealt with thoughts on what navigational challenges certain sections would offer. I've walked some National Trails before and–apart from a stretch on the Pennine Bridleway around Hollingworth last September where signposting was extremely poor–in general I remember these long-distance paths to be very good maintained in terms … Continue reading Navigation along the route