Day 81: Thurso – John O’Groats

Sunday, 09/07/2017
Distance: 35,3 km (21,9 mi) for a total of 2260,6 km (1404,6 mi)

Ascent (ca.): 210 m (690 ft)

Weather: Overcast in the morning, brightening in the afternoon

So, this was it. With a pickup time agreed I calculated some buffer to make sure that I’d made it to JOG when the taxi would arrive. Having a quick breakfast in the hostel’s kitchen I was joined by two young women who had cycled from Land’s End and were to finish today as well, wanting to catch a train to Inverness in Wick and going back to London from there.

It felt strange not having the backpack with me, but there was simply no need for it as I could carry everything for the day by other means.  Thus I tried to speed up a bit. The road wasn’t more interesting than the last days, but at least the sea sometimes was closer.

I reached JOG in good time with two immediate effects. First, I was surprised by the bustle and the number of tourists. I had some problems getting a picture of the signpost without other people on it.

Second, I felt that the faster walking not only had led to burning soles but also to stiffened legs and a hurting back. There was no chance I would directly walk on to Duncansby Head which would be the real north-east end point. I entered one of the cafes there for a much needed rest and a light lunch. By the time I finished and had recovered sufficiently it was clear that the remaining time wouldn’t allow to walk to the lighthouse and back.

I went signing the book and looked through the last two, three pages for some names. I found Jimmy’s entry as well as the one of Mina and James  🙂  I treated myself to an ice cream and at least walked along the shore to Ness of Duncansby. The sound of the waves and the smell of the sea reminded me how long I haven’t been on holiday on the German North Sea coast.

Finally I returned and waited for my taxi. The driver went for a more scenic route which allowed me at least a look at the Castle of Mey before going back to Thurso where I will have a celebratory beer this evening.


26 thoughts on “Day 81: Thurso – John O’Groats

  1. Congratulations Mike 🙂 It doesn’t seem five minutes since I started following you just a couple of days in and here you are, the end goal at last. Well done! 🙂


  2. Hi Mike, how wonderful that you have made it. I have enjoyed following your progress after our serendipitous meeting in the Teesdale Hotel bar in Middleton! I admire your walking skills and hope our paths cross again. With best wishes for a calm journey home by train and sea. Sarah


  3. Well done, Mike. Thanks for your company on part of the Pennine Way. Once you get home you will have to work out how you can work for only six months each year (covering winter) and backpack for the other six months. Keep in touch.


  4. Hello Mike. Congratulations on completing your LeJog walk. Really enjoyed your blog from day one so thanks for sharing your journey with us. Cheers, Dave and Dot.


  5. Wow – Gratulation zu dieser bemerkenswerten Leistung und zu diesem tollen Blog! Es hat viel Spaß gemacht, Dich hier zu begleiten. Bis bald!


  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Mike! Eine super Leistung! Und es hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht, deinen tollen Blog zu verfolgen 🙂


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