Day 21: West Harptree – Bath 

Wednesday, 10/05/2017 Distance: 32,4 km (20,1 mi) for a total of 549,6 km (341,5 mi) Ascent (ca.): 620 m (2030 ft) Weather: Hoarfrost in the morning, sunny and warm all day When I got out of the tent this morning I found the camping field white instead of green. On the sheltered side the tent … Continue reading Day 21: West Harptree – Bath 


Day 19: Bridgwater – Glastonbury 

Monday, 08/05/2017 Distance: 30,9 km (19,2 mi) for a total of 484,7 km (301,2 mi) Ascent (ca.): 250 m (820 ft) Weather: Sunny and warm, especially in the afternoon, with only some fleecy clouds to make the sky look more interesting Again an early start although I was sure that today I would encounter less … Continue reading Day 19: Bridgwater – Glastonbury