Day 59: Twechar – Drymen

Saturday, 17/06/2017 Distance: 35,8 km (22,2 mi) for a total of 1652,8 km (1026,9 mi) Ascent (ca.): 320 m (1050 ft) Weather: Overcast in the morning, getting muggy, sunny and very warm in the afternoon The first half of the day was the continuation of yesterday: still the canal with hardly changing views and fatiguing … Continue reading Day 59: Twechar – Drymen


Day 58: Linlithgow – Twechar

Friday, 16/06/2017 Distance: 40,2 km (25 mi) for a total of 1617 km (1004,7 mi) Ascent (ca.): 270 m (885 ft) Weather: Sunny morning, getting more cloudy and then overcast, a bit of drizzle  This morning required a complete repacking of my rucksack after the washing day but that was of course a very welcome … Continue reading Day 58: Linlithgow – Twechar