Day 70: Invershiel – Maol-bhuidhe Bothy

Wednesday, 28/06/2017 Distance: 29,4 km (18,3 mi) for a total of 1935,2 km (1202,4 mi) Ascent (ca.): 1285 m (4215 ft) Weather: Mainly sunny with some occasionally disturbing clouds Knowing that the chances to get a real breakfast are going to be rare for the rest of the trip I allowed myself the luxury of … Continue reading Day 70: Invershiel – Maol-bhuidhe Bothy


Day 69: Barrisdale – Kinloch Hourn / Invershiel 

Tuesday, 27/06/2017 Distance: 13,3 km (8,3 mi) for a total of 1905,8 km (1184,1 mi) Ascent (ca.): 450 m (1475 ft) Weather: Overcast in the early morning, then drizzle, developing into rain, sunshine in the afternoon To start with the most important outcome of this day: I have to admit defeat. My line of walking … Continue reading Day 69: Barrisdale – Kinloch Hourn / Invershiel