Shrinking to-do-list

Eventually the list of things to prepare and arrange gets shorter. For quite some time I had the impression that every item I ticked off the list generated two new ones. But I was confident that this would end–with the departure date at the latest 😉

Everything to do with route, maps and navigation is sorted out as much as it can reasonably be done for a walk of this length. I only have to download the then latest version of the topographical map and store it together with all the tracks and waypoints on the SD card in my GPSr. Which also means to update the Pocket Queries at one more time to see if any geocaches on my list have become unavailable or new ones had been placed.

Some logistics still have to be arranged, I hope to get most of this settled tomorrow and over the weekend. The most important thing here is an order to the German postal service to collect my mail over the time and only deliver it when I’m back. And I have to run errands for some bits and pieces which aren’t overly essential but I want to have the choice to NOT take them in the end.

I would have liked to walk more in preparation over the last months, so far the walking balance for this year isn’t impressive. But with the to-do-list being much shorter now, I’ll be able to squeeze some more miles in. It’ll mainly be day trips but at least better than nothing.

Finally it’s time to become really excited! 🙂


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