Getting closer

A week with a business trip didn’t help much with all the tiny bits and pieces to be dealt with before setting off in less than two weeks by now. But some progress has been made nevertheless.

I managed a trial packing of my backpack. Excluding water and food but including fuel for the stove it’s up to 11 kg which is about one kilo more than the overall weight I aimed at. Significantly reducing this number would require to leave behind the spare clothing–without a network of people I may force myself on for the use of a washing machine every now and then during the trip that’s nothing I really fancy, I’d have to say. Well, there are some days left to think it over …

As I had to replace my old GPSr after it died during my last multi-day trip I finally found some time to play around with the settings on the new one to ensure it’s configured the way I’m used to work with such a device. It would have been much easier if Garmin was less reluctant to provide documentation which deserves this name. But this should be sorted now. Talkytoaster’s topo map, all the tracks, waypoints and geocaches will reside on the MicroSD card with plenty of space for all this information. And I eliminated the useless “basemap” from the internal storage of the GPSr to have more capacity left for archiving my tracked daily logs as I will need these for my statistical analyses afterwards.

I was asked if the starting date being so close keeps me awake at night. To be honest, I have to say no. I still have important things to finish at work and I have to make sure that my apartment is fit for my absence. So there’s still enough to do to keep me busy and distracted from being too excited about heading off. The Easter weekend might change this with more time on my hands, but until then it’s another preparatory walk tomorrow and some more days crammed with work.


4 thoughts on “Getting closer

    • Hi Andrew,
      saw your site some time ago and thought that the WHW might be the most likely place for our routes to cross. Would be great if we can manage to meet. Good luck to you as well!


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