Hard to believe but it seems my preparations are really coming to an end in time. The micro SDcard in the GPSr has the latest version of the topographical map on it as well as tracks, waypoints and geocaches. On the mobile phone there are some ebooks and some audiobooks, just in case. I doubt … Continue reading Countdown


Kit #3

One aspect which caused me a lot of head-scratching (and still does) was what I want to call the “electronics department”. With every device coming with its own charger and battery needs it's easy to end up with considerable volume in the pack and–even worse–notable weight. For those who just throw it into a car … Continue reading Kit #3

Kit #2

Many discussions on long distance hiking I've come across over the last few years centre on the question of "boots or trail shoes?" I have used different types of boots for many years on hiking trips of various lengths and to different locations and I would still consider them my best option for walks on … Continue reading Kit #2

Kit #1

When reading the accounts of other LEJOGs, and of course JOGLEs or other long hiking trips, I usually hunt for all sort of kit related information in them. Even if my choices vary from the ones of other walkers it's always interesting to compare lists, look out for inspirations on items to take and on … Continue reading Kit #1