Day 84: Last reward day on Orkney 

Wednesday, 12/07/2017
Weather: Mainly sunny, getting cloudier in the afternoon

In the evening I would have to go out to Hatston with a special shuttle bus linking the ferry to Aberdeen with Kirkwall and Stromness. So I had decided that this day would be dedicated to have a closer look at Kirkwall.

I started with the Bishop’s and the Earl’s Palace. Unfortunately, both are in ruins but especially the Earl’s Palace still gives an idea of its former splendour – something Earl Patrick couldn’t enjoy very long himself.

Being located directly next to St Magnus Cathedral the higher remains of the palace offered a fine view on the church.

After that I went to the harbour and strolled around there. Harbours never fail to attract me, no matter how large or small and what ships they host.

I idled away part of the day in the sun. When the wind picked up in the afternoon and just sitting became a bit uncomfortable I used this as an excuse to pay a visit to the museum for the last hour before closing.

What I’ve seen in these few days on Mainland was definitely worth the visit and there are still a lot of places, also on other islands of the Orkneys, which will have to wait for another visit up there. But now it’s time to get back home.


2 thoughts on “Day 84: Last reward day on Orkney 

    • I was thinking of the one or the other summary post – not sure if and when this will happen though – lots of work after this long absence.
      Next? Nothing planned so far, not even remotely.


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