Day 83: Second reward day on Orkney 

Tuesday, 11/07/2017
Weather: Sunny

Having already worked out yesterday that the bus connections wouldn’t suit my needs I had decided on a different approach. In the morning I took the bus to Stromness and hired a bike for the day. For the circular tour I had in mind this was a sensible choice. My first stop were the cliffs at Yesnaby.

From there it was only a short hop to Skara Brae, a really impressive structure neolithic site.

Next station was the ring of Brodgar, standing stones, where I was lucky to have arrived just long enough before two coaches to walk around the circle in peace.

A bit further on at the Ness of Brodgar there was the possibility to have a look at the ongoing excavations. I sneaked myself into a group to hear the explanations of the archaeologist which made it more interesting than just reading the information panels. Decades ago, still being in school, archeology was my dream job, I only abandoned it because of the meagre perspectives. But I’m still attracted to it and it would have been unthinkable to simply cycle past this site. Everybody interested as well should look for the website: Ness of Brodgar

By then it was quite late so I cycled back to Stromness, returned the bike and took the bus back to Kirkwall. With the sunny weather and the interesting history lessons it was a very enjoyable day.


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