Day 82: First reward day on Orkney

Monday, 10/07/2017
Weather: Cloudy, rare drops of rain as wellas sunny periods

As the ferry terminal isn’t located in Thurso but in Scrabster and I wasn’t willing to walk along a perhaps busy A road to get there I had already decided that I would take a taxi. Like that I was dropped off directly at the terminal, bought my ticket and not much later boarding started. The passage takes about 90 minutes, just long enough to have a tea and spend some time on the observation deck.

There was no reason to hurry to Kirkwall, even if I had booked the youth hostel there for the two nights I will stay on the island. I strolled through Stromness and enjoyed the small lanes and surprising views.

But I didn’t know that I have to adjust my geographical notions.

Then I spent some time in the museum before heading for a light lunch. At the bus stop I tried to find out if I could perhaps pay a visit to Skara Brae this day. But there was only one bus calling there which was carrying on to Kirkwall and that was exactly the same which could bring me to the site. So this was obviously not an option. Instead, I took another bus going to Kirkwall on a shorter route.

Still having some time to spare and with a few drops of rain coming down I concluded that this meant a visit to St Magnus Cathedral. I’m no art historian so I usually classify churches into “nice” or “not so nice”, although there is no real criteria I can give for putting a church into either category. This one falls into the category “nice”. I guess the painted “sails” and the ship model on the altar played a role in this.

Finally, I made my way to the youth hostel and used the evening for planning tomorrow – and of course having a decent meal.


4 thoughts on “Day 82: First reward day on Orkney

  1. well, I guess I have to say goodbye to you now, nice to have ‘met’ you Mike. I, too, have stayed at the Kirkwall YHA and visited the St Magnus cathedral so we finish on a note of familiarity. Goodbye and happy trekking. Heather


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