Day 80: Melvich – Thurso

Saturday, 08/07/2017
Distance: 27,1 km (16,8 mi) for a total of 2225,3 km (1382,7 mi)

Ascent (ca.): 270 m (885 ft)

Weather: Overcast, sunny spells in the late morning, followed by showers 

I guess my eating habits are not the only thing I have to readjust back home but also my day rhythm, there’s usually no need to awake and get up at 4 o’clock in the morning. This day would be longer than yesterday in terms of distance, but still shorter than those which brought me to the north coast. But the morning light really makes for the most lovely views.

Plodding along the road was as uneventful as it had already been the last days. So I’m still thankful that foresight had me store audio books on my mobile. At least, I passed a sign welcoming me in the last county (even if “only” a historic one) which I appreciated as much as the one down in Devon, indicating I’ve finished the first county.

I’m not sure what is cause and what effect. But being near the finish I feel somehow exhausted by the walking although neither distance nor ascent are dramatic compared to other days I’ve done. But I was really happy to see Thurso, my destination for today.

Tomorrow will be easy walking. Because I’ll return to Thurso – no buses running on Sundays, so I arranged a pickup by taxi – and a good weather forecast I won’t need my pack. I guess it’ll feel strange …


4 thoughts on “Day 80: Melvich – Thurso

  1. Thurso is one of the places I’ve visited and the very last will be John O Groats although I arrived by bus and left by ferry. High pressure it was on those occasions and the air clear and cool. I spent 5 days on the Orkney Islands in 2004. It will seem strange to say “goodbye” to you in a day or so, having followed you all this way.


    • I think I’ll do posts on my Orkney reward days and something like roundups on various aspects as they cross my mind. Thanks for your virtual support, I really appreciated it and was always happy to see your comments as a constant source of motivation.

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