Day 79: Bettyhill – Melvich

Friday, 07/07/2017
Distance: 22,2 km (13,8 mi) for a total of 2198,2 km (1365,9 mi)

Ascent (ca.): 385 m (1265 ft)

Weather: Mostly overcast, especially around noon with sunny spells 

This was going to be a shorter day, mainly for two reasons. First, I wanted to enjoy breakfast in my accommodation in Bettyhill which would inevitably lead to a late start. Second, after two long days on tarmac I wanted to give my feet the chance to recover a bit. The latter seems to have worked out fine.

The landscape isn’t particularly interesting, but every now and then there had been some nice sea views. Being on a road also has the effect that I’m hardly meeting other people to talk to, but that’s okay.

This night will be the last in the tent for this trip, it’s really coming to an end. By now I think the overwhelming feeling will be relief.


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