Day 78: Altnaharra – Bettyhill

Thursday, 06/07/2017
Distance: 35,5 km (22,1 mi) for a total of 2176 km (1352,1 mi)

Ascent (ca.): 285 m (935 ft)

Weather: Rain in the morning, drying in the afternoon

This was going to be another long day on tarmac, but in the end I would have reached the north coast which would finally give me the feeling of the goal being near.

I got up early and this was a good decision, not only because this allowed me to have packed before the rain started but also provided me with a wonderful morning atmosphere at the loch. With the wind having died during the night the only problem was packing with a minimum of midge interference.

The land already is much flatter than in the west: it’s really the lowlands behind the highlands. Lacking the dramatic hill silhouettes and in the rain the road and the landscape didn’t become more interesting. So it was my audio book again while trotting along. But when I rejoined an A road before Bettyhill I got the first proof of the end being nigh.

It was still a bit of way into the village where I had booked accommodation for the night. The first sight of the sea was very welcome. And my accommodation was reached shortly after that. I was happy to get off my feet, with proper treatment they now feel better again and the next two days will be shorter in distance,  so this should be no problem. Only three more days  …


4 thoughts on “Day 78: Altnaharra – Bettyhill

  1. Hallo Mike! Jetzt verfolge ich virtuell seit 78 Tage deinen Weg und nur noch 3 Tage bis zum Ziel? Unglaublich! I am proud of you that you made your dream coming truth! See you soon somewhere in Germany. Best wishes, Angelika


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