Day 77: Lairg – Altnaharra

Wednesday, 05/07/2017
Distance: 38,3 km (23,8 mi) for a total of 2140,5 km (1330 mi)

Ascent (ca.): 300 m (985 ft)

Weather: Mainly sunny and warm, wind picking up in the evening before dying down again

This day was only about heading north. I took the road out of Lairg which offered some last views on Loch Shin.

The road runs more or less parallel to the river Tilly and the landscape to the left and the right wasn’t particularly pretty as it was often harvested woodland. So I was thankful for the audio book I was listening to which was much more interesting.

Where the river and the road cross the famous Crask Inn is located which – had I stuck to my originally planned cross-country route – I had passed from west to east instead of south to north. As far as I know the owners who had made it such a famous place with walkers and bikers had sold it not too long ago, but still it made a welcome interruption on the way. Shortly afterwards I was informed that I was now in MacKay country.

The next stop was the hotel at Altnaharra. Unfortunately, they were fully booked including their LEJOG cabin, as I understand popular as last stop for cyclists doing LEJOG. A short chat with one of the employees confirmed my assumption that there are possible pitches along the north shore of Loch Naver. This chat obviously arose the attention of a German couple who also had just stopped there for a tea and soon we were in a nice conversation. I then headed on and finally pitched on the loch shore – the last wild camp of this trip. 


2 thoughts on “Day 77: Lairg – Altnaharra

  1. Thank you for your impressive insight view on LEJOG and congratulations for your successful finish.
    Detlev & Anja


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