Day 76: The Schoolhouse – Lairg

Tuesday, 04/07/2017
Distance: 32,3 km (20,1 mi) for a total of 2102,2 km (1306,2 mi)

Ascent (ca.): 400 m (1310 ft)

Weather: Cloudy, prolonged sunny spells

From the number of cars I had heard passing the bothy last evening I had already assumed that the track to Oykel Bridge would be very walkable. Nevertheless I was away early as usual. The mornings usually provide the most interesting views with the mist on the hills.

The track was as easy as expected so I was much too early for a breakfast at the hotel in Oykel Bridge. I switched to the road and in the morning there wasn’t really any traffic to deal with.

There would have been an alternative route closer to the river, but I wasn’t up to any risk of mud patches and swamps anymore. So I stuck to the road and trotted along peacefully with listening to some of my favourite songs.

In Rosehall I could convince the people in the hotel to serve me a tea and a bacon bap despite the breakfast time being over. And there were nice things to look at along the way.

I reached Lairg much sooner than I had expected and thinking that it was too early for the campsite I whiled some time away in a very nice cafe. Now the tent is pitched on the campsite and I had had a relaxed evening. Tomorrow I will head further north. Luckily, I not only have music on my phone but also audio books, this should help me through the day. 


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