Travel arrangements

Nearing the end of my walk I had to decide how to best get home and do the appropriate bookings. I won’t travel directly from John O’Groats after crossing the finish line. As I always said: if there are some spare days left I’ll hop over to the Orkneys. And this is what I will indeed do. So it’s about getting back from the islands. 
For some time already I’ve been thinking about different options. Flying from Inverness would make a connecting flight to Düsseldorf necessary, not appealing. I could go down to Edinburgh and get a direct flight to Cologne, but that would mean to cover 900 km of flight route in 90 minutes compared to then about 2300 km in 80 days of walking and this feels completely wrong.

So I’ve considered an alternative and the main sections are booked by now. I will take the ferry from Kirkwall to Aberdeen, then the train down to Newcastle and from there the ferry to Amsterdam. These travels are booked and confirmed. In Amsterdam I will use the shuttle service from the ship to the city centre as I have to go to the central station for a train anyway. There are fast trains running regularly from Amsterdam passing through a neighbouring city of my home city, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Both ferries run overnight, that will be a relaxed return. I should arrive home around noon which leaves me with time enough to get myself into a presentable state and then go out to run some errands to refill my fridge. And one thing I’m really looking forward to is German bread 🙂


4 thoughts on “Travel arrangements

  1. A good idea, I think, to have a leisurely journey home and avoid culture shock. It’s going to be hard enough to settle back into a normal routine that involves work (if you remember what that is!). It took me over three months after my LEJOG before I settled in properly. To start with you’ll yearn to be back floundering through bogs.


    • Work? Let me think …yes, I guess in a very isolated corner of my brain this rings a bell 😉
      But I’m more than sure I won’t miss bogs. The walking – perhaps, but not the swamps.


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