Day 70: Invershiel – Maol-bhuidhe Bothy

Wednesday, 28/06/2017
Distance: 29,4 km (18,3 mi) for a total of 1935,2 km (1202,4 mi)

Ascent (ca.): 1285 m (4215 ft)

Weather: Mainly sunny with some occasionally disturbing clouds

Knowing that the chances to get a real breakfast are going to be rare for the rest of the trip I allowed myself the luxury of having one today even if this meant a late start into the walk. With the rest and the care my feet had yesterday in addition to dry shoes and clean socks this made a considerable difference to the last days.

First some road walking was required to get to Morvich, finally a sign pointed to the Falls of Glomach and all other walking routes. The path was really good, well visible and only occasional patches of mud and water which could be easily skirted. In fact, I was so fascinated by the quality of the path that initially I missed the fork in a grassy patch and had to retrace my steps a bit.

The ascent up Bealach na Sròine was long, sluggish and not even providing nice views. In the sun and without any wind that was a
sweaty affair. But finally I reached the waterfall. The Falls of Glomach are really impressive, mainly because of their height. I even went down a dead-end path to get – hopefully – some pictures worth it.

The descent into Glen Elchaig was steep in parts, so I took my time. Here I met two women walking the CWT north to south. I warned them about the two major swamps and hearing about my experiences they weren’t too keen to repeat them.

In Glen Elchaig the trail picked up a track which allowed for good progress. The valley itself was really pleasant.

With the beginning of the next ascent the way became narrow again but was still in good condition, enabling me to still make good time. Only when I was already nearing the bothy the path deteriorated. I had begun to hope that I not only started with dry feet but might be able to finish the day like that – wishful thinking of course, but compared to the days before still good. This changed when I crossed over the last river only a couple of metres from the the bothy. I slipped on a stone and stepped into the water, followed by a slight slip wetting parts of my trousers.

In the bothy there was already a young Belgian on his first walking and backpacking trip. With no experience the CWT is possibly not the best choice, I hope he didn’t get himself into trouble like this. 


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