Day 66: Cona Glen – Corryhully Bothy 

Saturday, 24/06/2017
Distance: 23,8 km (14,8 mi) for a total of 1839 km (1142,6 mi)

Ascent (ca.): 835 m (2740 ft)

Weather: Showers of different length, strong winds and occasional rays of sunshine, rain getting heavier towards the evening

With the rain turning on and off I was lucky to pack my tent relatively dry. The start into the walking day was easy as the track continued, so it was only the wind to battle with. When the trail finally left the Cona River, it first became a good path and very soon a not so good path with a lot of water and mud on it.

Nevertheless I soon reached the saddle and descended towards Glenfinnan. By this time the path was only recognisable by showing a bit less vegetation than the surroundings and often by the stream running on it. So I was happy when the path became a track again. Soon even views of Loch Shiel were possible.

The last bit into Glenfinnan was actually very pleasant, set up with viewpoints and short circular walks with information panels about the geology of Ardour which once had been an island. In Glenfinnan I first visited the monument erected where Bonnie Prince Charlie Stuart first raised his standard to – unsuccessfully – regain his throne.

The visitor’s centre offered a welcome opportunity to get something to eat and drink. The road up from the centre was quite busy with tourists, but I was sure that they were all looking for the viaduct and not go any further. This proved to be right and the viaduct is certainly worth a look.

The trail was still on a broad and good track, leading also to a lodge. But I was aiming for the bothy. Here I found Bridie again and two students from Poland. Later three German boys arrived, filling the bothy to its capacity. We were still organising ourselves when a man turned up, introducing himself as Alasdair, looking after the bothy. Just out of curiosity he wanted to know who’s hiking the Cape Wrath Trail, who was after Munros and who had other reasons. Then he brought in some wood for the fireplace and soon we had a fire and some bothy romantic.


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