Day 63: Kingshouse – Kinlochleven 

Wednesday, 21/06/2017
Distance: 15 km (9,3 mi) for a total of 1771,4 km (1100,6 mi)

Ascent (ca.): 450 m (1475 ft)

Weather: Overcast for most of the day, misty in the morning, rain in the afternoon

This day would be a short one walkingwise, but with heavy rain and thunderstorm on the forecast for the afternoon I had no intention of staying somewhere on a hill if I could avoid it. The morning showed the hills with covered tops and this would only change gradually over the day.

I’ve walked Devil’s Staircase twice before. The first time was with a group as part of an organised walking holiday. We had fairly good weather as I recall and being in a group made it an rather entertaining affair. The second time was as part of my full WHW walk with a friend. We had to battle with a strong wind and driving rain which made the ascent seem to take forever. In my memory it was certainly worse than it turned out to be now.

A nice surprise – even if I didn’t make use of it – was this announcement:

It was repeated for 100 and 50 metres. What appeared there was this:

I didn’t make use of the offerings, as I had everything I needed. But I’m still wondering who buys tents to set up in this environment, restocks them with snacks and drinks and carries the rubbish down?

In Kinlochleven I had plenty of time. So I first got myself a second breakfast. Then I secured my “pole position” at the hostel/campsite to enquire about an available bed for the night. I was lucky, so no need to pitch in the by then pouring rain. Later Andy and Ewan who I met in Drymen turned up, very wet and after a long day over Rannoch Moor and Devil’s Staircase. We had a celebratory beer in the nearest pub because that was the last chance for it, as the two wanted to get on their train in Fort William as soon as they entered the town. It might be that more than one beer was involved and perhaps some whisky as well …


4 thoughts on “Day 63: Kingshouse – Kinlochleven 

  1. I think I wouldn’t have been able to resist these shop offerings, a drink and some cereal bar is always welcome. Also to motivate the shop owner to continue his gentle offerings. I’m happy in a place where it’s possible to run such “shops”, I like them also in black forerst, e.g. for apples and schnapps.


    • I’m sure a lot of other WHW walkers made use of this shop, it’s one of the most popular if not the most popular long distance path in the UK. And I carried so much food and water that I was happy to reduce my load by sticking to my own provisions. But I agree: in general someone providing a service like that should be encouraged by using it.


  2. Hi Mike,

    I was not able to read your blog in the last few days as I was on holidays myself – not Scotland but Lake Constance 😉

    Just wanted to say hi and hope you are fully enjoying your wonderful trip.


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