Day 61: Rowardennan – Tyndrum

Monday, 19/06/2017
Distance: 40,4 km (25,1 mi) for a total of 1720,9 km (1069,2 mi)

Ascent (ca.): 1150 m (3775 ft)

Weather: Misty in the morning, developing into clouds and to bright sunshine in the afternoon

As I wasn’t able to secure a stay in the youth hostel at Crianlarich for the nights required to do some munro-bagging I rethought my options for ending the day somewhere further up the WHW. I ended up with a very long day, but it gave me a good starting point for the next days.

Remembering the path along Loch Lomond being narrow and rocky with some scrambles thrown in for good measure I was away from the bunkhouse at 5:30. I had hoped for a cooked breakfast at Inversnaid but unfortunately missed the time for this. But I could get some baps as the employee explained with regret but very polite and professional – a very different experience from the tearoom in Tissington.

What I didn’t remembered was that the path stays that narrow and stony with a lot of minor ups and downs for all the way up to the northern end of Loch Lomond. Although the sign pointing to Rob Roy’s Cave usually would have been tempting I ignored it because I did do the clambering already 10 years ago. The old oak and birch wood was more to my liking. Great efforts are undertaken to get rid of all rhododendrons as these suppress the native plants. It was later than I had reckoned when I finally reached Inverarnan.

The going had already become easier and up Glen Falloch this wouldn’t change much. Of course, I stopped at the Falls of Falloch as I can hardly resist a waterfall.

So far I passed a couple of honesty boxes with refreshments for walkers. They were all located in front of or otherwise near a house which isn’t surprising assuming that the kind soul providing this stuff needs to take care of the box and restock it if it should be of any use. This one was placed in the middle of sod all and not only had cool drinks thanks to cooling packs but also two camping chairs set up for the weary walker!

I passed the junction where one path leads down to Crianlarich and entered the woodland. This indeed was a stretch I didn’t have any recollection of, but it certainly was nice walking. I could perhaps have appreciated it more if it wasn’t getting late and me just wanting to get to my intended night stop. But I finally got there and had a nice chat with two German couples walking the WHW together, a good end for a long day. 


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