Day 52: Rest day in Kirk Yetholm

Saturday, 10/07/2017
Weather: Rain in the morning, clearing up during the afternoon to sunshine

As I had read a lot about the Pennine Way and thus assumed that the last stretch would be quite demanding I had planned a day off here from the very start of my route setup.

I saw Jim off to his bus in the morning. Thanks, mate, it was great to have company on this depressing last stretch of the PW! Then I sorted the contents of the parcel I collected yesterday from the post office to prepare my pack for the next section and send back what is not needed anymore.

As the rain wasn’t really inviting I just bought a newspaper in the village shop and moved up the stairs from the shop to a nice little cafe where I whiled away my time eating and drinking something and studying the election coverage in great detail.

Returning from the cafe in Town Yetholm to Kirk Yetholm, something like a five minutes walk, I found a collection of cars like this in front of The Borders Hotel, really lovely  πŸ™‚

The weather cleared over the afternoon to sunshine but I had decided that I would go nowhere near a footpath today. So it was an extremely relaxed day, tomorrow I’ll pick up the St Cuthbert’s Way to start my way through Scotland. 

I spent the evening having some beer in the pub. Already yesterday I fulfilled a promise I’d made to myself at the beginning of the walk: that I would have the first wee dram (for those not familiar with Scots: a whisky) in Scotland to celebrate the achievement of having walked the length of England. I have to admit that, in fact, it had been two single malts, one for each leg to avoid imbalances  πŸ˜‰

The weather forecast for the next days is quite promising, already in the shop this morning a local was sure that it would clear up and bring fine weather for a fortnight. I hope it’ll really turn out this way.


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