Day 48: Alston – Once Brewed

Tuesday, 06/06/2017
Distance: 28,7 km (17,8 mi) for a total of 1308,6 km (813,1 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 285 m (935 ft)

Weather: Rain with some interruptions

Yesterday evening I and Jim had long poured over the maps to decide what to do today. And we had a discussion with the lady at the youth hostel this morning. The weather forecast again promised heavy rain and as we both aren’t purists when it comes to the path it was soon settled that we would use the alternative route on the South Tyne Trail following the track of the dismantled South Tynedale Railway. The PW touches and crosses the railway track a couple of times up to Burnstones so we still felt that we were true to the PW.

Originally we had planned to walk the railway track a bit further up to Lambley and pick up the PW there after a minor stretch of road walking. But the lady at the youth hostel told us that this part of the PW leading to Greenhead was usually the wettest and most boggy one and that – if we didn’t want to stay in Greenhead for the night – she would suggest to follow the South Tyne Trail into Haltwhistle to proceed from there.

And this is exactly what we did. The time and the miles were just clocking down, partly of course due to the level and easy walking, partly because of the chatting. The most interesting feature along the way which convinced me to grab my mobile from under the waterproofs to take a picture was the Lambley Viaduct.

By lunchtime we already had reached Haltwhistle but only stopped for something to drink. Then we pressed on to get to our intended place for the night, a farm with campsite and bunkhouse where we hoped to secure beds in the latter. We managed that without problems, but by the time we had our shower, the bunkhouse started to fill. Now we’re enjoying the evening in the pub Twice Brewed with lots of other walkers. 


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