Day 42: Horton in Ribblesdale – Hawes

Wednesday, 31/05/2017
Distance: 24,4 km (15,2 mi) for a total of 1149 km (714 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 565 m (1855 ft)

Weather: Sunny and warm 

Today Frank, another Pennine Way walker who Geoff had already met in the train to Edale, was going to walk with us. The stretch to Hawes was given in the guidebook with a duration of 7 hours, not overly long, but nevertheless we set off before 7:30.

When I mentioned that today would be a much better day for Pen-y-ghent with certainly nice and wide views Geoff suggested I surely could make the detour and catch up with them later without problems. I gratefully declined.

On our walk out of Horton we passed the famous Pen-y-ghent Café which at this time was of course still closed. Out of town the PW was on clear tracks, only once we discussed which side of a wall might be the correct one, but we managed to get it right and soon the Ling Gill Nature Reserve was reached.

About here I bid a good day to Geoff as I simply couldn’t slow down myself any longer, Frank being far behind. As little as you can keep up a walking speed higher than your own, as little it is possible to keep your pace down all the time. So I stretched my legs and with the PW climbed the last bit to Cam High Road.

This walk along the old Roman road was on easy surface, it even became tarmac in the end. So although the views were beautiful it felt like a waste of the fine weather.

When the way finally left the road the track became more stony, but was still quite good walking ground. Through all these miles I only saw or passed a handful of other people.

The way forked on grassy ground at Ten End which also provided a perfect picnic place for a rest. From then on it was a gentle downhill way towards Gayle and Hawes with only patches of mud which didn’t even wetted my shoes.

A friend of Geoff had offered us the use of his house in Gayle. But as I didn’t know where it was and had to wait for the guys anyway, I walked into Hawes to again get a touristy shock. Geoff’s resupply parcel and the replacement shoes he had ordered were waiting in Gayle, good news. We sorted ourselves and walked back to Hawes for meal and meeting Frank. As he was having terrible problems with his feet he had decided to quit. Geoff will take off a day to let his blisters heal, so I’ll be continuing alone again from tomorrow. That’s really a pity but it was good to have had company for some days. Thanks for that, Geoff!


4 thoughts on “Day 42: Horton in Ribblesdale – Hawes

  1. Your friends, Frank & Geoff – you ‘walked their legs off’. Not surprising as you are clearly as hard as nails, walking-wise. Or, even more apposite: you’re tough as old boots.


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