Day 39: Hebden Bridge – Ickornshaw

Sunday, 28/05/2017
Distance: 25,8 km (16 mi) for a total of 1068,1 km (663,7 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 800 m (2625 ft)

Weather: Foggy in the morning, later overcast, sunny towards the evening

It had been rain on and off during the night with more on than off, so we had to pack our tents quite wet. With the fog and still some drizzle we set off in our waterproofs. These proved already very helpful when going over the first wet fields. Of course, we made a short detour to May’s Shop, known as Aladdin’s Cave and said to sell everything which seems to be true. We bought some provisions and headed on.

Some people might find the moorland boring with its lack of features, but I simply find it fascinating in every weather.

We decided against a detour to the Pack Horse as we were sure that it was too early for the pub to be open. It was more reservoirs which indeed are very different from the reservoirs I know from my walking area at home and a bit monotonous.

At Top Withens we saw a lot more people, not surprising with the weather having improved and being a Sunday. Top Withens is associated with Emily Brontë and her novel “Wuthering Heights” although it is agreed that the house bore no resemblance to the one in the book.

Ponden Reservoir was no exception to the general rule of reservoirs being uninteresting, so I was happy when we reached moorland again crossing first  Oakworth Moor and then Ickornshaw Moor. Instead of the usual wooden signposts we saw a couple of creative marks on stones.

We descended to Ickornshaw to get to the campsite. It’s fairly new, the owner has simply converted his garden. He said he had been asked for camping possibilities by Pennine Way walkers that he finally decided to set it up and that he was really enjoying meeting so many different people that way. A nice evening was had with some beer and relaxed chatting. A good day  🙂


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