Day 38: Standedge – Hebden Bridge

Saturday, 27/05/2017
Distance: 28,6 km (17,8 mi) for a total of 1042,3 km (647,7 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 790 m (2595 ft)

Weather: Overcast, windy, one short shower and a few drops of rain

We awoke to a foggy morning, although not cold. Everything was soon packed and we were off by 7 o’clock. The way let us first across Close Moss and towards White Hill. And we passed a point which is obviously extremely important:

After the crossing of the M62 the landscape changed to a more rocky look with interesting boulder formations.

The next remarkable feature was the Aiggin Stone. An information stone informed us that this stone was a medieval guide for travellers some 600 years old, leaving open if that’s the age of the stone or the travellers.

We were a bit early for The White House pub at Blackstone Edge Reservoir, but decided to wait to get something to drink and possibly a light lunch.

It was more reservoirs afterwards including a diversion around Warland Reservoir due to construction work. It wouldn’t have been the most interesting and pretty sight anyway, but the reservoir being drained and a wind farm just above surely didn’t improve the impression.

I was told before and had read it that Stoodley Pike never seems to get nearer while walking towards it. I can now confirm that indeed it did seem to take forever from the first sight of it to the monument.

From Stoodley Pike to our campsite it was some more moor walking, a descent to Callis Bridge and a steep ascent out of the valley again. We just managed pitching before the rain started, sometimes you’re simply lucky.


2 thoughts on “Day 38: Standedge – Hebden Bridge

  1. you were lucky. We had some tremendously heavy showers over the weekend. And now you’re North of me and you’ve left ‘my’ bit of the PW. Next place of note, SCOTLAND


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