Day 37: Crowden – Standedge

Friday, 26/05/2017
Distance: 21,2 km (13,2 mi) for a total of 1013,7 km (629,9 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 815 m (2675 ft)

Weather: Sunny and very warm

Fortunately, we were able to pack up dry tents. Despite of the comparatively short stretch today we were away early and retracing our steps from the campsite to the PW didn’t take long. Similar to yesterday we had to start with some uphill work in again bright sunshine, but it felt less hot because of a constant breeze.

Laddow Rocks provided some fascinating views. The walking was quite good, the path rocky at times but level. With a couple of stream crossings it got a bit muddy in these places but the dry weather recently certainly helped in making them easily passable. Thus we crossed a lot of moorland offering a beautiful sight.

Black Hill was the next unmistakable point we reached.

From there it was a straightforward walk to a road crossing where we had hoped to find a snack van parked. But despite of the good weather it wasn’t there. But by that time we knew that we were likely to arrive in Standedge early enough and the perspective of a beer and Turkish food put a spring in my step. Nevertheless we enjoyed a lunch break at Wessenden Head Reservoir.

The walking remained easy until we had passed Wessenden Reservoir and had to tackle the short but steep ascent at Grouse Butts. After that there were some more reservoirs to pass by on a – thanks to the dryness – easy path. We reached the campsite early enough to secure level pitches, a nice reward for our effort. The meal was good and accompanied by more than one pint – a perfect end of the day.


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