Day 35: Blackwell – Edale

Wednesday, 24/05/2017
Distance: 32,3 km (20,1 mi) for a total of 964,8 km (599,5 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 835 m (2740 ft)

Weather: Cloudy in the morning, later wall-to-wall  sunshine, very warm (yes, very similar to yesterday)

I left the campsite early because I knew that the way to Edale where I would meet other members of the Backpackers Club wasn’t too long and thus would hopefully allow to get my clothes washed once again. So I picked up the Pennine Bridleway again and found it still quite boring although Chee Dale was quite pleasant. The PBW might be a good way for riders and bikers but why someone could decide to declare it a National Trail for walkers as well is and will remain a mystery to me.

Later I switched back to the Limestone Way to bring me to Castleton through Cave Dale. The town introduced itself with the remains of Peveril Castle.

Despite being quite touristy it gave the impression of a nice town, not as artificial as Tissington. I marched up to the youth hostel and asked if I may use the laundry, but found the lady at the reception quite uncooperative. So I left empty-handed.

My plan B was the youth hostel in Edale. From Castleton I took the way up to Hollins Cross. There I met a couple who told me that they live in the area but they’d never come across someone doing such a long walk as I. Given the fact that many LEJOG  walkers include significant parts of the Pennine Way in their route this couple obviously don’t get out enough.

The youth hostel in Edale was more willing to support a poor walker. For a donation to an honesty box I was allowed to use the laundry. Via a good footpath Edale itself and the campsite where the club members had already gathered the day before was reached soon. I was welcomed by some known and some unknown faces and after pitching the tent the evening was spent in a very sociable way in the pub. Tomorrow I will start on the Pennine Way with Geoff. I’m really glad to have some company for a while especially on this trail. When we’ll finish the Pennine Way we will already be in Scotland!


2 thoughts on “Day 35: Blackwell – Edale

  1. “PBW might be a good way for riders and bikers” oh, right, thanks for that information. I use mostly footpaths and canal towpaths but there have been a lot more cycle routes created in England over the last 10years or so. Cycling is having somewhat of a revival in popularity. But interesting that it’s not as nice to walk along, as the footpaths.
    The couple in Hollins Cross: too right, they don’t get out enough! Or maybe they don’t strike up many conversations with backpackers like yourself.


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