Day 34: Swinscoe – Blackwell

Tuesday, 23/05/2017
Distance: 36,6 km (22,7 mi) for a total of 932,5 km (579,4 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 600 m (1965 ft)

Weather: Cloudy with sunny patches in the morning, wall-to-wall  sunshine in the afternoon, very warm

The first footpath in the morning again was a navigational challenge but I managed to get on the Limestone Way even if it wasn’t marked. This improved once I entered Derbyshire again. I passed through Thorpe and then reached Tissington.

The first impression was that of a very picturesque village more intended for tourists or as a film set than for real people living in there. I strolled around a bit and read about the tradition of well dressing. Then I passed the tearoom which would open at 10:30. I stood in front of the inner door and studied the menu hanging on the opened outer door. A man, obviously belonging somehow to the cafe, passed me and snapped at me: “It’s not 10:30 now!” True, according to my watch it was 10:28 but I was not rattling at the door to get in or something similar, I was just reading the menu at the only possible space. I’ve just come to think that the prices were a bit on the high side and obviously included a surcharge for the atmosphere. But this sentence settled it, I turned on my heels and left. I don’t have to spend my money where I’m not welcome. I’ve been treated more polite, you may also call it professional, in pubs, cafes and the like where I entered in a much more worse state.

Heading north I picked up the Pennine Bridleway at Minninglow although there was an abundance of other routes named as well. Following a dismantled railway it was fast but boring walking, no ascents, gentle curves, often dead straight. The most welcome change was Parsley Hay where refreshments were offered. The PBW continued equally boring until I reached the campsite which didn’t even required a detour, much appreciated after a long walking day.


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