Day 31: Hurley – Lichfield

Saturday, 20/05/2017
Distance: 28,5 km (17,7 mi) for a total of 836,5 km (519,8 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 260 m (850 ft)

Weather: Sunny in the morning, increasingly cloudy over the day with showers and a heavy downpour in the afternoon

The morning greeted me with sunshine which made packing up so much more comfortable. As the night again has brought some rain the tent got packed wet, but overall the start into the day was friendly.

From the campsite I first aimed for Kingsbury, still using the HoE Way as guideline. In the Hurley village shop where I bought my pint of milk I was warned that more rain was on the forecast for the day.

In Kingsbury I was lucky to find a cafe already open and took the chance on a second breakfast. Then I entered the area of the Kingsbury Water Park which was really pleasant.

At one point I first thought the path was closed because of officially looking guards standing around. But they were only having an eye on the safety because of a collection of small steam vehicles which were presented and operated there. They are powered by coal briquettes, allow for one person to drive around with it, and they puff and whistle just like their bigger brothers. Aren’t they lovely?

Some more towpath walking followed, this time along the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal. At Drayton Bassett I left the canal for some uneventful and not especially interesting walking towards Lichfield. Around Weeford I met some strange light conditions: to my right there were fluffy white clouds and patches of blue sky, to my left I got a dark grey sky and clouds darker at the bottom than at their top.

Not long and this left-hand weather took over to put me in the middle of a downpour with good wind from the side. Luckily, I had decided earlier this day that booking a room would be an option, so I knew I would have a chance to dry everything. I spent the afternoon sorting and drying my kit and the evening with a short stroll through Lichfield which was indeed much nicer than I had expected.


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