Day 27: Winchcombe – Chipping Campden 

Tuesday, 16/05/2017
Distance: 26,7 km (16,6 mi) for a total of 714,7 km (444,1 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 650 m (2130 ft)

Weather: Mostly dry in the morning, rain starting in the early afternoon

From Winchcombe it was only a short hop to Hailes. I would have liked to have a closer look at the remains of the Cistercian Abbey, but the site opened at 10 o’clock and that was much too late for me. So I only took some pictures from outside.

Crossing a field with some remarkable solitary trees and taking a picture of one of them, a voice from behind said: “That’s the most beautiful tree in the whole of Gloucestershire.” As I hadn’t seen all trees in Gloucestershire I can’t confirm that, but it surely is a very beautiful specimen.

Then Stanton wanted to show me what a Cotswold village looks like. I’ve heard and read about their specific look because of the yellow limestone, but especially here on the northern half of the way this can be seen on many houses forming impressive ensembles.

The minor ascent from Stanton up to Shenberrow Hill made me feel my pack with the new maps and food packages – it felt like ages till I was finally at the “top”. And the muggy weather didn’t really help. The good thing about this was that the further path to Broadway was level or downhill walking.

Broadway itself was too touristy for my liking with all the gift shops. But it was lunchtime and I found a nice little cafe to deal with the necessary calorie intake and observing other people. Given the time I had needed up from Stanton I could imagine how long it would take me up to Broadway Tower.

My estimation turned out to be very good and once up I had two important things to do: donning my waterproofs as it had started to rain and calling Geoff who wanted to pick me up in Chipping Campden for the evening.

The walk down to Chipping Campden was uneventful and I doubt it would have been much more interesting in better weather as a seemingly never-ending stretch ran dead straight between fields and hedges. As it turned out we arrived in town at the same time so I had to disappoint the lady in the pub I had just entered that I hadn’t time for a pint left.

I spent a lovely evening with Geoff and his wife including a delicious meal to fill a hungry backpacker. Clothes got washed as well, a good start into the next section of my waĺk. If everything goes according to plan I’ll meet Geoff again next week in Edale for the Pennine Way, I’m already looking forward to it. 


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