Day 25: Nympsfield – Birdlip

Sunday, 14/05/2017
Distance: 31,2 km (19,4 mi) for a total of 654,5 km (406,7 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 815 m (2675 ft)

Weather: Dark clouds in the early morning, getting more and more sunny, summer temperatures in the afternoon

Another long day ahead as I had two appointments to keep, one for Monday and one for Tuesday. So I rejoined the CW from Nympsfield. The dark clouds made for dramatic views from the escarpment in the morning.

But long before nearing Stroud it had already cleared up. I was just leaving Middleyard when a man asked me if I had seen a border collie. As I indeed had met one accompanying a couple of walkers (who claimed it wasn’t their dog and it had followed them for a while) into the woods I enquired a bit describing this one and then showed the man on the map where I had seen his dog on the other side of the town. He looked worried, thanked me and rushed off. Well, perhaps the dog found it a more interesting Sunday morning to stroll around with walkers instead of waiting for someone getting up at the house.

The Stroudwater Canal which I crossed at Ryeford offered a peaceful view. Next I crossed a railway line and was quite irritated. I’m not good at plants but with friends of my parents having lived near the Loreley I’m sure I can recognise a vineyard seeing one. As I couldn’t imagine a vineyard in the middle of the Cotswolds I thought I was wrong. But the next similar “field” proved that I had been right.

The way contoured nicely through woodlands, sometimes offering wider views. I made good progress and already was looking forward to a well-earned lunch rest when I was kindly informed how many miles were left to the end of the CW.

Painswick was a really lovely town where I understood everything I’ve read about honey-coloured houses. And a good lunch I got there as well.

When I finally left this nice place I had to speed up because I wasn’t sure about the campsite. I had hardly found any information on it and none on the usual camping websites. So I had to reckon with the need to head further on if the information proved faulty. Luckily, it wasn’t and even better: When the farmer heard that I was not only walking the CW but LEJOG he declared he wouldn’t charge me for the pitch. Very generous indeed! So I was able to pitch early enough for the tent which I had to pack wet after the night’s rain to dry in the late afternoon sun.


4 thoughts on “Day 25: Nympsfield – Birdlip

  1. I’d be willing to bet the man whose dog had gone off without him was actually looking after it for either his wife or some other family member. Dogs very rarely leave their ‘proper’ owner as the emotional bond is so strong.
    Glad to hear you found another generous campsite owner.


    • I was told that it’s not uncommon for dogs to attach themselves to walkers for even some miles and then pick some other people to return. But in fields with livestock this might be fatal for the dog nevertheless.


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