Day 24: Horton – Nympsfield

Saturday, 13/05/2017
Distance: 35,5 km (22,1 mi) for a total of 623,3 km (387,3 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 970 m (3180 ft)

Weather: Mostly dry, cloudy and a light breeze for most of the day, sunny in the late afternoon 

Unfortunately, there weren’t any good alternatives for rejoining the CW from Horton except retracing my steps. And knowing that it’ll be another long day I made sure that I was away early.

Hawkesbury was soon reached and not much later I got some company on the way. Justine, Jason and terrier Timmy are walking the CW in chunks and today they had been dropped off near Hawkesbury, wanting to end somewhere behind Dursley. It’s amazing how much faster time and distance pass when you have company to chat with. Our paths parted well before Wotton-under-Edge because the three took a rest. On this stretch I also met an old acquaintance again: the Monarch’s Way.

Shortly before entering the town I first was stopped by another CW walker who wanted a confirmation that he hadn’t overlooked a waymarker and was still on track. Next stop was by a car but unfortunately I couldn’t help these people with directions to their destination.

Wotton-under-Edge saw me having a lunch break in a cafe where at least half of the guests were CW walkers as you can easily tell because they all carry the same guidebooks.

Near North Nibley a sort of tower caught my eye, the OS map only gave the information “Monument”. I had a closer look and was informed in the inside that this monument was to honour William Tyndale who translated the Bible into English and even spent some time in Wittenberg in the environment of Luther.

Some considerate person living next to the CW provides the most important supply, I’ve seen similar offers along the Offa’s Dyke Path, especially in southern Wales.

As rights of way and footpaths often cross all sorts of private land which is quite unusual in Germany I thought I should show a typical example for my German readers who aren’t used to this.

After Dursley which I passed as quick as possible I’d got something else to admire before leaving the CW again for a campsite.


4 thoughts on “Day 24: Horton – Nympsfield

  1. Hi Mike!
    It’s so fascinating to read about your hike! I’m looking forward to each new log entry. My heart wants to join you on your long walk, but my legs say “You’re kidding, aren’t you?” and my back shouts “No way!”, so I’ll just continue to read and dream.
    The german part of my soul is horrified about the mere thought of walking through a field, the swedish part on the other hand thinks that it is quite okay. As long as the owners allow it, and it’s part of an official path, so why not? “Andere Länder, andere Sitten!”
    I wish you strength in your legs and perfect hiking weather,

    Liked by 1 person

    • The various parts of my body like to complain as well, but I simply ignore them 😉
      Something like the right of way concept here is really not imaginable in Germany but it makes walking so much more … interesting at times.


    • my heart and my legs agree with Doris, totally
      German/Swedish I don’t know about. I think I’m English/Scottish.
      Private Property?: “property is theft” – French!


      • The German constitution states that “property obliges”. Unfortunately, the mothers and fathers of the Grundgesetz had forgotten to say what sort of obligation they had in mind.


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