Day 22: Rest day in Bath

Thursday, 11/05/2017
Weather: Mainly sunny, a bit more clouds in the early afternoon

Some tasks were on the list for today. This included first and foremost finding a physiotherapist. Over the last few days I developed some problems in the lower back,  especially painful when getting up in the morning from a lying position. I was lucky to get an appointment for the late morning. The physio did a good job in relaxing the stiffened muscles and gave me some tips what I could and should do the days to come to improve it further instead of worsening it. He said it was a well known effect of imbalanced strain on the left and right side, not uncommon with walkers and runners. Nothing to worry about as I took action immediately.

Then I paid a visit to the barber because after three weeks this seemed more than necessary, some grams less to carry up the hills  😉  And I fetched the next resupply parcel from the post office, sorted its contents (most important: the map booklet for the next national trail and a new pair of the shoes I’m using) with what I still had in my pack and send the rest back. Interestingly, prices and regulations for parcels to Germany seem to vary depending from where you send them. I understand that weight and wanted transport time make a difference, but apart from that I’m astonished that the parcel here from Bath costs thrice as much as from Barnstaple.

The remaining time I spent just strolling around and admiring the city. I wasn’t in the mood for museums or other cultural edification. I went over Pulteney Bridge on the other side of the Avon. There I discovered St Mary’s churchyard with some interesting graves.

Much of the streets there reminded me of Edinburgh’s New Town. I assume that both had been planned and constructed at a similar time.

Then I came across a small shop for antique maps. I guess you can imagine what happened? Right, I stepped in, had a nice long chat with the owner and browsed through different sections of his maps. I could easily have spent more money in there than my bank account (and my financial advisor) would appreciate  😉

This left only the pleasant choice of where to go for the evening. I opted for an Argentine steak restaurant and had a very delicious meal. Back to the pub discovered yesterday as there were other Bath ales left to taste. 


7 thoughts on “Day 22: Rest day in Bath

  1. I haven’t a clue about the parcels conundrum. Sounds like a rip-off. My brother lives in France and when he first moved to the village of Dunes he was selling a few sundry items on ebay every week. The man in the post office was as awkward as possible so my brother drove instead to the next village where they were friendly and obliging. The penny eventually dropped that the Dunes postmaster was on a salary and had nothing to gain by selling more stamps or taking more money for parcels. As far as he was concerned the fewer customers he had, the better! None of which explains your bad experience in an English post office, sorry!


  2. I may be wrong, it’s a long time since I ran a post room, but I think parcels may be priced on a volumetric scale like letters. If you go into the next size band the price jumps up. Even when I was involved weight and speed dictated cost.


    • Size might be a factor, I think it’s in Germany as well, although somehow combined with the weight. But this parcel wasn’t larger and they didn’t even measure it. So it remains a mystery.


  3. Hi Mike! It is really great to follow your way and to read about your experiences. When I saw your beautiful pictures of Bath I smiled, because I had to think about some books I read in my teenage years – some historical romances ;D

    I wish you a good time!


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