Day 9: Boscastle – Bude

Friday, 28/04/2017
Distance: 22,2 km (13,8 mi) for a total of 226,1 km (140,5 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 810 m  (2660 ft)

Weather: Overcast all day with light wind

In the evening I had studied the maps in the map booklet and found an alternative route from the campsite to Crackington Haven which would shorten the distance by perhaps a mile or so and experience on the coast path so far let me assume that it would at least halving the time necessary.

It required a bit of a bridleway and a short stretch on a quiet road, then a footpath crossed a field to reach a wooded valley with a small stream burbling. I couldn’t see it at first but heard it all the time. There was a whole network of footpaths as you can tell from this signpost.

Even though the valley was quite narrow and the trees didn’t extend beyond it the path looked and felt like a proper forest path with roots making the ground uneven and tree parts across the path to step over. This alternative route was definitely a good choice.

As expected I was in Crackington Haven much earlier than I would have been on the official route. Unfortunately, similar nice detours weren’t to have for the rest of the day. I might be wrong but the cliffs are becoming higher and remain equally steep, so a lot of effort is necessary to get down and up again. I was really happy when I reached Widemouth Bay where the path leveled out and eased my way to the campsite.


2 thoughts on “Day 9: Boscastle – Bude

  1. I know Widemouth and Bude very well from family holidays both as a child in the 1960s and more recently. There was plenty to occupy children – a big swimming pool built into the cliffs and re-filled with sea water each high tide, shops full of shells and buckets and spades, inflatables. If I sit and recall a typical holiday from my childhood then it is Bude that comes to mind, in July or August. Icecream and beach cricket. Happy days.


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