Day 8: Tintagel  – Boscastle 

Thursday, 27/04/2017
Distance: 17,7 km (11 mi) for a total of 203,9 km (126,7 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 860 m  (2820 ft)

Weather: Sunny in the morning, getting overcast later with the wind picking up as well

One reason for pressing to Tintagel yesterday was of course the castle. I wanted to have some time to visit it as one of the more touristy points of this walk. Because of the opening times and the youth hostel being located close by it was a very relaxed start into the day. As the castle is maintained by English Heritage and I had been a member of Historic Scotland for many years by now I got one of my favourite entrance tickets showing the enormous fee of 0 £.

I strolled around the castle area for some time. Obviously many people step into this sculpture to get themselves photographed as Artus, I could restrain myself easily.

Then it was necessary to get on the trail again if I wanted to make it to the campsite beyond Boscastle I had in mind for the night. The legs weren’t too pleased being forced to work again, but as the distance wasn’t large I took it slowly and steadily. Rocky Valley proved to be quite picturesque.

The walk itself was rather uneventful, occasional short exchanges with other walkers of all sorts provided welcomed interruptions. And stiles (is it one?) like this which are definitely too small for a walker with a full pack.

At the last ascent I met a lady who told me she had met another LEJOGER with a pack at least twice as large as mine. So this couldn’t have been Steve as I know from the other guests in the youth hostel that his pack is smaller. And I believe she was able to judge the pack size because she also told me that she and her partner have walked JOGLE three years ago. Wonder how many people are on the trail right now?


4 thoughts on “Day 8: Tintagel  – Boscastle 

  1. It does seem very popular but I imagine a fair few give up after less than a week. The ones with the biggest packs? I struggle to find blogs like yours. Last yr I followed 3 and one gave up after reaching Scotland. Weather is a big factor. Oh, and some people do it more than once. After all there are lots of choices of routes. Daryl May, an American in his 60s, did it both ways and has a good Blog:


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