Day 6: Porthcothan – Padstow

Tuesday, 25/04/2017

Distance: 20,2 km (12,6 mi) for a total of 157,2 km (97,7 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 940 m  (3090 ft)
Weather: First drops of rain during my walking time in the morning, sunny and windy (estimated 5-6 Beaufort, gusts 7 Bft)

The farm-campsite also offered breakfast, seeing me leaving later than I would have liked. One good thing though: After another windy night I could pack the tent completely dry. The SWCP and I met again at Porthcothan. I started off in my waterproof jacket for the first time, but it turned out to be only a short shower. Afterwards the sky cleared again to a bright blue with attractively spreaded clouds.

But the wind, oh, the wind! This was the dominating theme today. Every step against it was hard earned, a couple of times I nearly got blown over and was thankful for my walking sticks providing me with two additional legs to keep my balance.

I met a number of other people but nobody was in the mood for stopping and having a chat. Exchanging the time of day already meant shouting at each other. So I trotted along towards Padstow. Remarkably, today was the first day where I came across the typical Cornish stone walls which look really lovely.

In Harlyn where I had my lunch rest I found this bridge. During ebb it looks a bit forlorn in the sand but I’m sure this can be different during high water times.

About two kilometres behind Trevone a runner (yes, runner, it’s amazing to see how many people are really running up and down these paths!) Told me that coming to the next dip there was a footpath leading up to a street from where I could take other paths to Padstow, thus cutting off the headland. I decided that with all the hard work against the wind this shortcut was well earned and, moreover, I had to secure a place for the night. Padstow was always planned as a non-camping stop point and I enjoyed an extensive evening meal and a bed. 


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Porthcothan – Padstow

  1. Hi Mike. You’re making good progress. Too late now but I recall that the Porthcothan beach shop sold excellent pasties (in 2009). I assume you’ll have taken the ferry from Padstow to Rock – a long way round otherwise. Port Isaac is worth lingering in when you get there.


    • Hi Geoff, can’t say anything on the pasty quality in Porthcothan, what a pity. Yes, it was the ferry. Walking a whole day to cover some hundred yards seemed ridiculous. Well, even more ridiculous than walking LEJOG in the first place 😉

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