Day 4: St Agnes – Holywell/West Pentire

Sunday, 23/04/2017
Distance: 22,5 km (14 mi) for a total of 113 km (70,2 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 586 m  (1920 ft)

Weather: Overcast in the morning, sunny spells in the afternoon
It was still windy in the morning which had the advantage of packing a dry tent. The campsite owners were some trustful people. The reception was already closed when I arrived and as I wanted to be away before it reopened I was advised to just put the pitch fee through the letter slot which I of course duly did.

My walk was interrupted at St Agnes Head. The Coastguard lookout station was open and a sign welcomed visitors. I entered because I wanted to know the wind speed as it felt like a fresh breeze. The guard on duty explained his work and the equipment used. Fascinating stuff, as a long-time donor to the German sea rescue services I already knew some of the things he was talking about, but interesting nevertheless.

It was again a sunny day with stunning views. I’m sure the Cornish tourist board had sent out all its photographers to take new pictures. As by now you are surely getting a bit bored by pictures of coves and to prove that there are other interesting landscape features the following is from Cligga Head. Doesn’t it look lunar?

Somewhere on the cliffs I received a SMS from Jack, the LEJOGer I’ve met the first evening in the youth hostel in Penzance. He was a bit behind me then and we discussed for a while if we would make it to Perranporth for lunch. Unfortunately, Jack was too far away for that. So I had my lunch alone and needed to decide how to proceed. It was a bit early to call it a day and the town didn’t appealed to me enough to stay. I pressed on to Holywell where I left the SWCP to head inland for a campsite. It wouldn’t make sense to trace back my steps the next morning so I decided I’d return to the path nearer to West Pentire. 


2 thoughts on “Day 4: St Agnes – Holywell/West Pentire

  1. You’re keeping up a good daily mileage, Mike. Hope your feet are ok. “campsite owners were some trustful people”- I’m so glad you’re finding folks friendly. I’m told that when you reach the Derbyshire area, say Norbury onwards the attitude is not entirely generous. It seems they have such a glut of visitors, practically all year round, that they can afford to be grudging, and expensive. YHAs are good, though, when camping is allowed in the grounds.


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