Day 2: Zennor – Gwithian 

Friday, 21/04/2017
Distance: 32,2 km (20 mi) for a total of 66,2 km (41 mi)
Ascent (ca.): 885 m  (2900 ft)

# of geocaches logged: 0

Weather: Wall-to-wall sunshine for most of the day

After a chilly night I didn’t get away as fast as I had wished. Already the early morning proved it would become a warm day again. The farmer had estimated it would take me about four hours to St Ives, so it could be a good lunch stop.

As soon as the path reached the cliffs again I knew that even this would be a challenge. In parts the path resembled more a boulder field providing a grade 1 scramble with the large pack.

Despite the early hour I wasn’t alone on the way. Near the worst of the boulder collection another backpacker came towards me. By exchanging greetings and from the brand names of his kit I-rightly-supposed he was German. Christian, it was nice meeting you and having a chat, enjoy your remaining days on the SWCP.

When I finally got into St Ives I stopped at the first good-looking café for lunch. A good choice it was indeed, some spanish-inspired tapas and lunch options on the menu. A chorizo omelette and a lemon yoghurt with rosemary aromated biscuits was just what I needed to walk on.

The route became less eventful and a bit flatter. Out of St Ives even some shade could be found under trees. I was thankful for this as I already had rolled down my shirtsleeves to avoid getting sunburnt. In Hayle a long stretch of tarmac walking was required which was absolutely boring and following a well used road felt outright dangerous. As I didn’t wanted to stay in Hayle I just marched on, party on the broad beach, partly in the dunes to Gwithian.


3 thoughts on “Day 2: Zennor – Gwithian 

  1. Boulders – blimey. I’d like to bet that food becomes more and more important on this walk.
    I’ve followed some lejog/jogle folks before and this section up the coast can be a killer. Some don’t make it. AFTER lejog, only other people who have completed it really know what you’ve achieved. So, a bit like coming back from a warzone, they like to talk to other lejoggers and a little community is created. I’m so envious, but that doesn’t stop my enjoyment of reading about it. ( Heck, that was convoluted – did that make any sense at all?)


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