Day 0: Travel to Cornwall

Wednesday, 19/4/2017
Amazingly, all the travel arrangements worked out as planned. The flight departed a bit late which was compensated for by a shorter than usual flight time. The only problem was the unsanely early time at which I had to get up for this. Some naps in the plane and later in the bus (the trip from Heathrow to Reading isn’t really interesting, especially as I had done it numerous times some years ago) helped me through the day.

And what start in Penzance this was! On the way to the youth hostel I bought my gas canister but still it was too early to check in when I arrived. I decided to use the time to repack my rucksack because the “flight mode” wouldn’t suit me during the walk.

I had just started to spread my kit around when a guy with a large backpack arrived. We soon found out that he’s doing LEJOG as well and started today. Comparing our routes we found out that there’s a good chance of bumping into each other at least here in the south-west as Jack also intends to use major parts of the SWCP.

Then I went out to find somewhere to eat. A couple who saw me studying menus recommended another restaurant, supposedly the best place to eat in town. Well, it wasn’t bad but if this is the best place I’m glad I don’t ended up somewhere else.

After this slightly disappointing meal I decided to walk through half the town for a pub with its own brewery. And this was a brilliant idea. After I’ve told the lady at the bar of my plans every other guest was informed about it as well. I had a really nice chat with Jan and Nick (hopefully I got the names right in my tired brain …). I will try to remember the postcard to “The Crown” to let you know about the finish πŸ˜‰

On the way back to the hostel I secured my breakfast for tomorrow as I will be away very early (again, we’ll see if that becomes a habit). So this was day 0, tomorrow the real stuff starts! The weather forecast is quite promising, I’m looking forward to a nice walk and spectacular views along the coast.


6 thoughts on “Day 0: Travel to Cornwall

  1. great stuff. So, as I’m writing this, you’re pounding the footpaths in Cornwall, a fresh breeze coming in from the sea, seagulls crying. Are you thinkng, why is my pack so heavy? Good luck.


  2. The first step has already been completed!
    And – by the way – it’s a day celebrating something else: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    I wish you all the best, have a great trip!


  3. Catching up with comments in my lunch rest. Finding a signal is a bit of a challenge, so yesterday’s free WiFi on the campsite was appreciated.

    Thanks for your good wishes, you can never get too much of these πŸ™‚

    Heather, seagulls are as nasty here as everywhere, better to not eat outside if you don’t want to share your meal with them. And the pack IS heavy, why isn’t it possible to dehydrate water? πŸ˜‰


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