Hard to believe but it seems my preparations are really coming to an end in time.

The micro SDcard in the GPSr has the latest version of the topographical map on it as well as tracks, waypoints and geocaches. On the mobile phone there are some ebooks and some audiobooks, just in case. I doubt I’ll use them a lot as I know from experience that I’m usually too tired in the evenings after walking the whole day, but as the files neither increase the weight nor the volume of my pack there’s no harm done in having them. I still have to make a selection of my favourite songs which should go on the mobile as well. In addition, the pages and widgets are set up differently from my everyday use so that I can find and start the relevant apps much faster.

Yesterday I gave my hiking trousers a fresh waxing. If you’re not familiar with Fjällräven’s G-1000 material you’ve probably not heard of this. The material itself is already relatively windproof and water-repellent but these features can be increased by waxing the material with Fjällräven’s so-called Greenland wax. It is applied in thin layers and then ironed into the fabric (although other means of warming and rubbing it in also work, I’m told). I’m not especially keen on ironing and usually try to avoid it but I came to appreciate this combination as it allows to treat various parts of the trousers unequally by applying different quantities of wax for more or less protection against wind, water and even dirt. Of course, it gets washed out over time and the garments have to be re-proofed, but at least that’s not an overly complicated task.

I have some minor household chores on the list for tomorrow to make sure my apartment is fit for my absence as well. Then I have to remove the battery from my motor scooter. And there’s the handover to my colleagues. Apart from that I only have to cram all the kit in my backpack. It’s strange but after all this time spent planning and preparing this trip, right now it doesn’t feel like it’s really going to start the day after tomorrow. I hope this will change as soon as I set off  😉

And now I’ll rethink certain parts of the equipment (to take or not take …) strewn around in my apartment which currently resembles more of an outdoor shop.


13 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Mike, All the very best for your exciting adventure. I look forward to tracking your progress and, if at all possible, meeting you on the way.




  2. there will be progress, but don’t forget to tell us about the things that go wrong, too. The more honest you are about it all, the better we’ll enjoy reading it. I hope all the techno stuff works properly. If it doesn’t, dump it in a handy pond and get out paper and pen.


    • Will do both, Heather, I promise. Although I hope that nothing decisive will go wrong I’m reckoning with all the minor “catastrophes” which happen inevitably on a long walking trip. And dumping the techno stuff in a pond would at least mean I don’t have to carry it anymore 😉

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  3. Gute Reise. I’m off to the Peak District tomorrow for the Backpackers’ Summer Gathering and to get the hiking legs working again.


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