Kit #3

One aspect which caused me a lot of head-scratching (and still does) was what I want to call the “electronics department”. With every device coming with its own charger and battery needs it’s easy to end up with considerable volume in the pack and–even worse–notable weight. For those who just throw it into a car it obviously doesn’t matter, but carrying it for three months is a very different matter, naturally. So I combined different bits of equipment to see how to best keep the numbers down and still have everything with me I want. I don’t call it “need” intentionally because it’s of course quite debatable if all these items are “necessary”. If they really were, all the great exploration travels of former centuries either couldn’t have happened or were mere luck–so they are all sort of luxury items.

By now, the collection looks like this:


And (mostly) packed, apart from the stuff going to be used during the day, it looks like this:


The volume is quite ok, as the size of the stuff sack is only 1 l. The mobile phone (for taking photos) and the GPSr (for geocaching and tracking purposes) won’t go into the pack anyway. I’m much less happy with the overall weight of 1316 g. To reduce this it would be best to omit the powerbank as the heaviest individual piece, but this would leave me depending solely on sockets for recharging–no reassuring thought. I’ll probably postpone the final decision on this until I know exactly what the overall weight of the essential kit will be…


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