Itinerary or not

So far, I’ve got some comments and questions by mail or otherwise on the route table I’d posted over here. This shouldn’t be read as an itinerary I want to follow, especially not for the first stretch along the SWCP–for a couple reasons.

First, although the elevation profiles don’t look too different from those I get in my favourite home walking area I don’t expect myself to be hill-fit enough (or in this case cliff-fit?) shortly after the winter to walk an average of more than 18 miles with an average ascent of 4000 ft every day for two weeks in a row. It would be nice to be able to do so, but that’s simply not going to happen. At least, I’d be really surprised if I’d be able to do so.

Second, it’s not about being in a rush. Of course, I’m restricted by time as I have to return to work at a fixed date, but I’m lucky in having buffer planned so I can take it easy in the beginning until I get into my walking rhythm. I know from experiences on past long-distance hikes that I can gradually walk more miles in less hours after the first week already and improving further on this relation over time. So there’s nothing to worry over a more relaxed start.

Third, this approach will allow me to savour the way, the landscape, the historic remains and whatever catches my eye–at least if the weather permits. Might as well be that strong winds and torrential rain (among other things) slow down my progress significantly, but as I had usually been extremely lucky with my walking weather in the UK I hope that this series doesn’t end right now 😉

I’ve not set up a fixed schedule or itinerary and I won’t do, mainly because I don’t want to put pressure on myself to be at a certain place at a specified date. I can make rough assumptions (probably better ones after the first one or two weeks when I’ll know how I cope with the trail) when I will pass certain areas but more precise dates are only possible when I approach the region in question. Everybody who wants to catch up with me on the trail should please either use the means known to them already or the contact page of this site. See you out there then!


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