Travel arrangements

Well, there’s at least one topic I can tick off my list as by now I can be reasonably sure to reach the start point at Land’s End.

Taking the first tram in the morning (that means a quarter to five!) and changing to a regional train afterwards should bring me to the airport in Düsseldorf in time. But given that public transport always tends to be at least late if not cancelled when you really rely on it, I should perhaps think of a plan B—just in case. I’m booked on the morning flight which should see me in Heathrow still quite early, but the way to Cornwall is long …

The following legs are already arranged as well. I’ll be going first by bus to Reading and then by train to Penzance where I should arrive early in the afternoon. Like this I’ll be left with enough time for two important things: entering one or two outdoor shops to buy the necessary fuel for my stove as airlines don’t like all this stuff on board and eating my first Cornish pasty.

I will spend this first night in the Youth Hostel in Penzance, also already booked and confirmed. So I don’t think I have to worry about how to spend the evening 😉 That leaves only the bus to Land’s End the next morning to set off on this epic adventure. Things will definitely become a bit more unpredictable by then!


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