Kit #1

When reading the accounts of other LEJOGs, and of course JOGLEs or other long hiking trips, I usually hunt for all sort of kit related information in them. Even if my choices vary from the ones of other walkers it’s always interesting to compare lists, look out for inspirations on items to take and on ideas to save weight. Probably everybody planning a walk like this does so, I don’t consider myself being an exception to a general rule here. I haven’t decided on every single item yet, especially not in the clothing department, but some pieces of kit are already set. In anticipation of future posts dealing with equipment I put the number in this post’s title.

Let’s start with the bulkiest and heaviest item: the tent. It will be a Scarp from Tarptent. Initially, I planned to take a smaller and lighter tent, a Nordisk Telemark, but I came to the conclusion that it is too small if bad weather lasts longer than a day – which, of course, is never ever the case in the UK 😉 – because it’s nearly impossible to separate wet stuff from the rest in it. With being more spacious and offering dual entry, in combination with other features, I’m sure the Scarp will be much more up to the task of being home for such a prolonged trip. The price to pay is the somewhat higher weight.

The second big piece of equipment is the sleeping system. I will take a self inflating mat, a Nemo Zor, which is quite thin but still offers a good (and sufficient for me) insulation as I’m not a cold sleeper. It packs quite small and is lightweight. I know that many people go for thicker air mattresses today and find them comfy, but I don’t like the wobbly feeling on these. I’m used to sleeping on a futon for more than 20 years by now, which is a quite solid affair, so I don’t want to get seasick during the night because of a moving pad underneath me 😉

And I thought that LEJOG was a good excuse to look out for a new sleeping bag. I finally decided on PHD and customised my own bag according to my needs. The number of options to choose from made it a time-consuming task as I had to carefully consider if I wanted and really needed certain features and if so in which way. I have already used the bag on a trip for 9 days in early autumn last year and was very pleased with it. There’s only one problem I have with it (as with its predecessors, so it came as no surprise) and it’s not a fault of the bag itself, and that is the feeling of the inner nylon fabric on the skin. So I will also take my thin silk liner which has the additional advantage of protecting the bag from some dirt and sweat.


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